ReleaseProduct Image Renkore  - La Grieta


Renkore - La Grieta

Releasedate: 2024-06-07

Renkore from Bello/Medellin Colombia is not only a band founded by a group of friends, but also an idea that defends individual and collective freedom.

Punk/Hardcore/Crust, made with love, respect and freedom.

No questions left to ask !!! We are happy to work with this band together.

Our 5th record (TOR005E1) on Thrash Out Records is limited to 300 copies on 140g black Vinyl, 12 inches, 15 tracks, and plays at 45 RPM. The total running time is 27:48 minutes.

Side A

  1. Rarxs al borde
  2. Breviario de Caos
  3. No Huyas
  4. El Pogo de los que Sobran
  5. Ocho Veces Ruido
  6. Econegociantes
  7. Las Flores Aromáticas y la Pohesía Inerte

Side B

  1. Perplejas Alzamos los Brazos
  2. Lobotomia
  3. Plop
  4. Transhumanoides
  5. Sonoro Agitadxs
  6. Ocultadxs
  7. Androginia
  8. Muere



Releasedate: 2024-06-07 12´LP Vinyl 15 € Add to cart

ReleaseProduct Image D.F.C. + LowLife - Thrashformation


D.F.C. + LowLife - Thrashformation

Releasedate: 2024-03-22

12´ Inch Split Vinyl -  22nd March 2024


DFC (Distrito Federal Chaos) started to play in 1993 as a punk band in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. After a few years they changed their lineup and started to play a Thrash/Crossover combination with Hardcore edges. And they are still alive and kickin´ !


is a Thrash/Crossover Band founded 2006 in Brasilia (Brazil). First time on Vinyl in this Thrashformation !


The 4th Record on our Label (TOR004E1) is limited to 300 copies on 140g yellow vinyl, 12 inches, 33RPM, 18 Tracks of Hard Thrashin´ Crossover in 22:13 Min. !!! Additional Labels involved : Here And Now Records (Italy), Drinking Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary)

Side A (D.F.C.)

  1.  Skate Inferno 
  2.  Sunday Bloody Morning 
  3.  A Bosta Humana 
  4.  Conversa Para Boy Dormir 
  5.  O Pão Que O Diabo Vomitou 
  6.  Porrada De Rua
  7.  Nasce Um Monstro
  8.  Dirty Sanchéz
  9.  Asas Da Vingança (R.D.P.)

Side B (Lowlife)

  1.  Have Fun, Low Life Has Just Began! 
  2.  Oppressed By The Cross 
  3.  About To Fail 
  4.  Kings Of The Losers 
  5.  First Class (Fucks My Ass!)
  6.  Painted Rust 
  7.  The One Note Song 
  8.  Insomania
  9.  Thrash Patrol



Releasedate: 2024-03-22 12´LP Yellow Vinyl 15 € Add to cart

ReleaseProduct Image Escalpo - Unnus


Escalpo - Unnus

Releasedate: 2023-11-06

Coming soon!  6th November 2023


ESCALPO - "Unnus"

The Brazilian Metalpunx ESCALPO were formed in 2020 with the purpose of creating raw and intense metal punk, infused with d-beat and death metal influences. Comprising veterans of the South American music scene, the band delivers a ferocious sound with lyrics addressing revolt and nonconformity in the face of the current socio-political landscape.

Those who are interested in bands such as Anti Cimex, Discharge, Venom, Motörhead, and Lobotomia should keep an eye out for this release. It is expected to be available on vinyl in the fall/winter of 2023.

Our second record (TOR002E1) on Thrash Out Records is limited to 666 copies, 12 inches, 10 tracks, and plays at 33 RPM. There will be 100 copies in red and 566 copies in black 140g vinyl. The total running time is 31 minutes.


Side A:

  1. Onda de Estupidez
  2. Olhando pro Chão
  3. Eviscerando o Opressor
  4. Desconstrução/Destruição
  5. Unnus


Side B:

  1. A Dor do Açoite
  2. Escravidão Auto Imposta
  3. Retrocedendo
  4. A Queda do Céu
  5. Desumanização


Releasedate: 2023-11-06 12' LP Vinyl 15 € Add to cart

ReleaseProduct Image Cromulents - Concrete World


Cromulents - Concrete World

Releasedate: 2023-10-27

Coming Soon !!! 27th October 2023

CROMULENTS - "Concrete World"

CROMULENTS is a street punk trio founded in 2021, hailing from the heart of the Austrian Alps - Hallstatt/Ebensee. They deliver honest street punk with clearly antifascist lyrics, while also incorporating their passion for the so-called "drinking class" into their songs, featuring anthemic riffs that are guaranteed to stick in your mind. The release of their debut 12-inch record "Concrete World" by Thrash Out Records is scheduled for the fall of 2023

Our first record (TOR001E1) on Thrash Out Records is limited to 300 copies, 12 inch, black 140g vinyl with 4 pages inlay. 6 songs , 45 RPM. Running Time: 17:21 Minutes

Side A:

  1. Concrete World
  2. You And I
  3. Resistance

Side B:

  1. We Are Punks
  2. Take A Breath
  3. The Way We Feel



Releasedate: 2023-10-27 12`EP Vinyl 15 € Add to cart

ReleaseProduct Image marode - Risse


marode - Risse

Releasedate: 2022-05-03

(Schorrie Morrie Tunes 01) Limited to 500 Copies 12-inch, black 140g vinyl, include 16 pages booklet. 14 songs, 33 RPM. Running Time: 29:00 Minutes. AVAILABLE SOON HERE !!!

Partners in Crime - Labels who made the album actually happen in the first place:

RilRec, Racoone Records  , Attack Records, Violent Heartbeat

marode - RISSE

"marode spielen alten punk in einer kaputten welt. mit gebrochenen stimmen und verrosteten instrumenten. keifen und singen über verwahrloste menschen und zustände."

"Playing old punk in a broken world, they perform with broken voices and rusty instruments. They shout and sing about neglected people and conditions."


Side A:

  1. Die Dummen
  2. Herrlich destruktiv
  3. Brügge
  4. Was du willst
  5. Das gruselige Lied
  6. Bizarroworld
  7. Pennen

Side B:

  1. Der Moment
  2. Falsch und klein
  3. Nein
  4. K.I.T.T.
  5. Neuer Tag
  6. Risse
  7. Sätze mit Aber
Releasedate: 2022-05-03 12`LP Vinyl 15 € Add to cart

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